The Big DVC Secret

Did you know there is a way to stay at the nicest resorts in Disney World and not spend all your money? This is the biggest money saving secret we know. And its 100% Disney approved.


So you may have seen that Disney has a time share program – the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). Don’t worry, the secret isn’t buying a time share.

A DVC owner doesn’t get partial ownership of a specific hotel room, rather they get a bank of points to spend on a stay at any DVC resort. The cost of a room in ‘points’ varies by resort and time of year.

What most people don’t know is that you can ‘rent’ unused points from the DVC owners and use them yourself to stay in one of the DVC rooms.

The cost of renting points is far less than the cost of booking a room directly through Disney. It becomes much more reasonable to stay at a high-end deluxe resort such as Grand Floridian or Animal Kingdom Lodge.

A Disney vacation with a luxury room goes from being a once in a lifetime thing to a reasonable upgrade.

Here’s an example:

A one week stay in October at Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Room booked through Disney:
Standard View: $2766
Savannah View: $3730

Room rented using DVC points:
Value View: $966
Standard View: $1232
Savannah View: $1624

That’s over half off!

Its common to spend the same amount of money to rent points for a Deluxe resort as you would to book a moderate resort through Disney.

Prices are dependent on what days you go. To see what it would cost you for the dates you would travel, use this calculator.


The DVC rooms – Disney calls them ‘villas’ – are integrated into existing Deluxe resorts. So you still have access to the lobby, pools, restaurants, etc. The main difference between the DVC villas and the regular deluxe rooms is the DVC villas are a bit larger and come with a small kitchenette including a sink, microwave, toaster and cabinets.

You actually get more and pay much less.

Some more math:

1 week at Grand Floridian just before Christmas:

Room booked through Disney:
Garden View: $5068
Lake View: $5850

Room rented using DVC points:
Garden View: $1750
Lake View: $2142

With numbers like that, why don’t more people know about this DVC point rental secret? Its the same reason most people miss out on all the magic listed on this site. If you aren’t actively seeking it out, you’ll never know about it. You aren’t going to see this on Disney’s website – it pays to do your research.

How to Rent DVC Points

So how do you go about renting these points? The cheapest route is to know a DVC member and rent directly from them. It used to be common for people to rent from DVC owners via message boards or eBay but stories of fraud cooled that market. Most people now go through a DVC point rental company that guarantees the rental and streamlines the whole service.

Another Example:

A week during value season in August at the Beach Club:

Room booked through Disney:
Lake View: $2994

Room rented using DVC points:
Lake View: $1680


Additionally, these DVC villas also come in 1 and 2 bedroom suites, complete with full kitchens, laundry and balconies. If you are looking at booking 2 resort rooms, renting a 1 bedroom villa can be a better deal. Not only is the cost equivalent for a much nicer room, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with non-adjacent rooms.

The math on 2 rooms vs renting a 1 bedroom Villa:

Pop Century – Value resort
2 rooms booked through Disney: $2366

Port Orleans Riverside – Moderate resort
2 rooms booked through Disney: $3080

Old Key West – Deluxe resort
1 Bedroom DVC suite rented: $3108

Is there a catch? Well there are a few downsides. To book the most popular resorts, you need to make your reservations well in advance, up to 11 months – though other resorts can be had in a shorter time frame. Also, there is a no cancellation policy, so you have to be sure of your dates. Additionally there is an added daily cost if you want maid service.

Otherwise you will be treated the same as any other guest. We rented points and stayed in a studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The extra space, that balcony and the wonderful theming of the resort made it an absolute bargain for what we paid.